Andrea Luciani

Andrea, Conductive Education participant

Andrea Luciani, Conductive Education® participant

I was born with cerebral palsy and I assumed from a young age that my parents would always do everything for me. I never thought that someday I would grow up and live an independent life, despite my disability.

But, thanks to March of Dimes Canada’s Conductive Education® (CE) Program, I have been able to turn my disabilities into abilities!

I’ve been a part of the CE Program since I was 6 years old. I am now 23 years old and the climb hasn’t been easy. Cerebral palsy has affected all aspects of my life, including my mobility, coordination, posture, and my ability to do daily living activities independently.

Today, I like to use the word ABLE when it comes to my progress. I am able to sit down and get up independently. I am able to walk using single point canes. I am able to get from room to room on my own in my house. Every day, I focus on what I am able to do!

March of Dimes Canada’s CE Program is designed specifically for people with neurological motor disorders and offers an alternative group setting approach to rehabilitation. And I understand that it’s the generosity of donors like you that helps make it possible.

The CE Program didn’t just give me tools to help my mobility; it also provided me with a voice. Instead of my parents or others speaking on my behalf, I learned to advocate for my own needs. I may need special accommodations to aid in that process but I make sure I am heard!

Thank you! Because of your generosity, and my wonderful teachers at CE, I have grit! I have learned to never give up, keep trying, keep learning new ways to do something, and always strive to conquer! If wonderful programs like CE did not exist due to lack of funding, many of my accomplishments would not have been possible. You have literally changed my life! 

My wish is for every person in Canada with a disability to have the extraordinary help that I had through March of Dimes Canada. It can only be achieved with the generous support of people like you.


Andrea Luciani
Conductive Education® program participant

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