MODC Non-Profit Housing

MODC Non-Profit Housing Corporation

March of Dimes Canada's Non-Profit Housing Corporation was established in 1992 to ​develop and promote affordable supportive housing for people with physical disabilities. Since then it has worked to ensure that all its projects, service providers and development partners meet the high quality and standards of March of Dimes Canada's Independent Living Programs.

Read MODC's Non-Profit Housing Corporation
2017-2018 Annual Report

MODC Non-Profit Housing Corporation Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF)
NPHC 2017-2018 Annual Report (PDF)2017-2018 NPHC Annual Report (English) PDF​​ (5,436 KB)

For more information or to apply for accommodation in any of MODC's Non-Profit Housing locations, please contact​
The corporation is also currently seeking other useful and unique models that provide opportunities to create financially viable and accessible housing.​

Wade Hampton House

Wade Hampton House 

Wade Hampton House is a community-based setting that offers 24-hour support to individuals who have experienced a moderate to severe brain injury. Our staff members work together with residents to engage them in both their personal care and on-going rehabilitation goals. Services help co​n​sumers regain skills and pursue areas of daily living that are meaningful to them, while focusing on maximizing community integration and independence.

Moving A-Head Campaign in Sudbury​
NPHC is expanding its supportive housing in Greater Sudbury!

NPHC’s Wade Hampton House in Sudbury, a home for people with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), currently has a waiting list of twenty-five people. As of April 1, 2015, NPHC has embarked on a Capital Campaign to build a second residence to accommodate twelve more people with Acquired Brain Injury and reduce the long waiting list of members in the community that are searching for necessary accommodations.

Click here to learn more about the exciting Moving A-Head expansion for Wade Hampton House.

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For housing or service inquiries, please call Ruth McDonald at 1-888-260-5269 or email  

This project is the culmination of a partnership with Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, FedNor, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, North East Local Health Integration Network Funding comes from eight different sources, including:

  • March of Dimes Canada Non-Profit Housing Corporation (NPHC)
  • Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC)
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • FedNor
  • North East Local Health Integration Network
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
  • Bishop Alexander Carter Foundation    
In 2016, we launched the Moving-a-Head Campaign to fund the expansion of Wade Hampton House to meet the growing need for services for acquired brain injuries in Northern Ontario. Supporters include:
  • Sudbury Credit Union
  • BNI Ontario Central North
  • Golder Associates
  • Vipond Fire Protection
  • Ontario Realtors Care Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Sudbury Sunrise
Donate now to Sudbury Capital Campaign
Click here to donate to the Wade Hampton House through CanadaHelps website.

Jean and Howard Caine Apartments

Image of the outside of Jean and Howard Caine apartment building 

The Jean and Howard Caine Apartments in Oakville, a 59-unit apartment building with 24 accessible units. On site support is provided to individuals with physical disabilities in these units. Here people with physical needs are served on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis.

Play Virtual TourClick here to take a virtual tour of the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments​​

Jean and Howard Caine Apartment Building is very much emblematic of March of Dimes' Canada vision, of inclusiveness and independence, of community engagement and the full participation of people with disabilities.

The Jean and Howard Caine Apartment Building w​as the first established by March of Dimes’ Non-Profit Housing Corporation, which was created in 1992 to develop and promote affordable supportive housing for people with physical disabilities. The 59-unit building has 24 specially designed support care units to allow people with physical needs to live safely and independently in their own homes.

It was with the generous support of governments of all levels, federal, provincial and municipal that this apartment building was constructed, and it remains a model for all of March of Dimes’ Non-Profit Housing Corporation endeavours.

This building was named to honour Jean and Howard Caine, who along with their daughter Pamela, a polio survivor, were devoted disability advocates who dedicated their lives to promoting the need for accessible and affordable living spaces that adults with disabilities could call their own. Pamela was an inaugural member of the first Non-Profit Housing Corporation Board.

Jean and Howard Caine ApartmentsPhotos of The Jean and Howard Caine Apartments.

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~ ~ ~​​​

May Court Club of Oakville cheque presentation to MODC May 2017On May 25, 2017, MODC's Non-Profit Housing Corporation was thrilled to be one of the local charity recipients to receive a generous donation from The May Court Club of Oakville. We are very grateful for their support of the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments. 

Click here to view more images of the cheque presentation ceremony. 

Image (left to right): Margaret Purcell, March of Dimes Canada Individual Giving, Acting Associate Director and Wendy Harrington, Vice President of The May Court Club of Oakville.

~ ~ ~

Thank you to the generous Jean and Howard Caine Apartments Supporters: 

The AWB Charitable Foundation supports health care, education and community services in Oakville. From 2010-18, it has donated $50,000 to the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments, including a $5,000 grant in 2018.  ​

Cadillac Fairview Corporation - A long-time supporter of our Toronto and Oakville non-profit housing facilities, donating $42,500 since 2009, including $5,000 in 2018 for the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments in Oakville.

The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation - A major supporter of Toronto's Meynell House and Oakville's Jean and Howard Caine Apartments, it has donated $155,000 since 2007, including $20,000 in 2017.​

The D.H. Gordon Foundation - A major supporter of Toronto's Meynell House and Oakville's Jean and Howard Caine Apartments, it has donated $63,000 since 2010, including $5,000 in 2017.

The May Court Club of Oakville - Oakville branch of the Ontario's Women's Service Club

Mattamy Homes GTA

Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network

Oakville Community Foundation Oakville Community Foundation - Funds administered by the Oakville Community Foundation that have supported the Apartments include:

  • The Gregory Gittings Better Living Fund
  • The Shorey Family Fund Endowed 
  • Larry & Gerry Wilson Family Trust 
  • Henderson Family Trust   

Ontario REALTORS Care Foundation - The Ontario REALTORS Care Foundation supports shelter-based organizations throughout Ontario on behalf of Ontario realtors. It has granted $8,250 to the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments from 2016-18, including a $1,250 grant in 2018.

The Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar - One of the founding sponsors of the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments with a 50 year relationship with March of Dimes Canada.

The Walmley Foundation - The Walmley Foundation is an Oakville-based Fdn that supports social services. Since 2012, it has donated over $100,000 for the Jean and Howard Caine Apartments, including $28,000 in 2018 for kitchen renovations. 

Meynell House

Image of the outside of Meynell House, taken at naming ceremony 

Meynell House, is part of a six-unit building at 30 St. Lawrence Street in downtown Toronto. In partnership with Dixon Neighbourhood Homes Inc, NPHC holds a head lease for two congregate apartments that support 8 individuals with physical disabilities with activities of daily living.

This residence was named in honour of the longstanding contribution of the late David Meynell, a past March of Dimes Board Member.

View photos of Kate Linder's visit to Meynell House.​

Donate now to Meynell House
Click here to donate to the Meynell House through CanadaHelps website.

Thank you to the generous Meynell House Supporters:

Cadillac Fairview          The Home Depot Canada Foundation      Home Trust

Ontario Realtors Care Foundation


Standing Oaks

Standing Oaks Property 

Standing Oaks is a congregate care home that provides 24/7 supports of daily living to individuals with complex care needs. It opened February 6, 2004 and is now a ten bedroom facility in Sarnia for the medically fragile, with 24 hour on-site attendant care. It is an economically home based alternative for high level care needs that would otherwise only be available through hospitals and personal care givers. They provide personal, tailored, and direct care.

Standing Oaks is supported by parents, volunteers, and the Sarnia Rotary Club. 

Standing Oaks Expansion Campaign
NPHC expanded its supportive housing in Sarnia!

The demand for supportive accommodation is very high in Sarnia, with many individuals currently on the waiting list. To alleviate the need for expensive new specialized housing, NPHC added a four-bedroom extension to Standing Oaks, plus an additional bathroom and laundry room, that was completed in 2018. The expansion included necessary equipment such as ceiling lifts, automatic door openers and a hydrobath for physical therapy, to allow the residents with physical disabilities to safely and comfortably live in the home. 

Play Virtual TourClick here to take a virtual tour of the Standing Oaks Facility​​

Donate now to Standing Oaks
Click here to donate to the Standing Oaks through CanadaHelps website.

Thank you to the generous Standing Oaks Supporters:

The Judith and Norman Alix Foundation
​The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation - The Judith & Norman Alix Foundation supports capital projects having a positive impact on the residents and communities in Lambton County. In 2016, the Foundation granted $10,000 towards a new hydrotherapy tub to benefit the residents at Standing Oaks.

The Harold E. Ballard Foundation - The Harold E. Ballard Foundation supports capital projects for children, disenfranchised people and seniors in Ontario. It has granted $27,000 towards Standing Oaks in 2016/17.
Sarnia Community Foundation 

The Sarnia Community Foundation - Supports health and social services in the Sarnia area. In 2016, it granted $5,000 toward the expansion of Standing Oaks.

Jason's House

 Image of Jason's House 

Founded in 1991, Jason's House is a single-family home which houses four people with high care needs. They receive 24-hour on-call service in a quiet residential community, in a building managed by a volunteer committee of residents, friends and family.

Jason Sooley Masters (Jan 7, 1970 - Apr 8, 2012)

Jason Sooley Masters was instrumental in the creation of 'Jason's House', a part of the MODC's Non-Profit Housing Corporation, which endeavours to offer sustainable, affordable independent living for people with disabilities. 

Jason had multiple congenital disabilities that severely limited his mobility and left him non-verbal, but did not affect his intelligence. He had a bright, active mind, and grew up much-loved by his adoptive family. When he turned 18, wanting his independence as any young adult, Jason and his family sought a home where he would be well-cared for, and where he could easily access his community. 'Jason's House' celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2016, realizing Jason's dream of a home where he, and others like him, could live full, independent lives.​

Jason's HousePhotos of Jason's House.

Donate now to Jason's House
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Special Appreciation
Paul Simpson and Jason's House staff memberIn 2017, after 14 years of dedicated service on the Board and as Chair of Jason's House Property Committee, Paul Simpson made the decision to retire. We will miss his professional, passionate and dedicated support to our organization and to our tenants. His contributions are legion; he won't be forgotten. Thank you, Paul for your leadership and generosity.
(Left: Paul Simpson with a staff member at Jason's House Summer BBQ.)

NPHC was pleased to receive this letter from Arthur Sweig of Capital Reno after he did a beautiful job of replacing the basement floors in Jason's House. We are grateful for his professional service and for taking the time to write such a generous heart-felt letter.

It was my privilege to work at Jason’s House for two weekends where I got to observe the health care workers and their clients. I am writing this quick note to state how impressed I was with what I saw.
The house was usually filled with talking and laughing as the girls chattered away, entertaining the clients, Paul, Rob and a girl whose name I did not catch. All three clients seem to find the girls quite entertaining and would smile and laugh along with them. You could see the rapport between them was easy and comfortable.
I am not sure what was cooking from time to time, but everything I smelled was fantastic. It lent the house a warmth at each meal time.
When I finally met with Pam Rogers I did mention my thoughts to her. She gave me a brief history of Jason’s House and spoke to me about the people for which they are caring. She also impressed me as a lovely person, perfectly suited for her job.
In conclusion, I think you have  a great team at Jason’s House and I needed to say something about it. It is not a job which many can do. Very few people have the professionalism, the patience, or consistency of patience, to do a good job in these circumstances. I say this as a son of a health care worker and as a father of a child with special needs. It warms my heart to see such dedication.
Kind regards,
Arthur Sweig

Thank you to the generous Jason's House Supporters:

Hamilton Community Foundation 

Cadillac Fairview Corporation - A Toronto-based commercial real estate management firm, and a major supporter of our non-profit home for individuals with physical disabilities. In 2019, they donated $5,000 for Jason's House.

The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation - A Toronto Foundation supporting education, seniors, physical disabled people and social services. It is a major supporter of the Non-Profit Housing Corporation, donating $180,000 from 2007-18 for our Toronto, Oakville and Hamilton homes for people with physical disabilities, including a $25,000 grant in 2018 for Jason's House in Hamilton.

The D.H. Gordon Foundation - A major supporter of NPHC, it has donated $68,000 since 2010, including $5,000 in 2018 for Jason's House.

The Gear Foundation - A Hamilton Foundation and a supporter of Jason's House.

H.G. Bertram Foundation - a private foundation that supports general charitable purposes in Hamilton, Dundas and the surrounding areas. In 2018, it granted $1,500 for kitchen renovations at Jason's House.​

Martin Foundation Fund at Hamilton Community Foundation - the Martin Foundation Fund provides funding for Jason's House through Hamilton Community Foundation. The Fund has donated $12,000 from 2014-18, including a $3,000 grant in 2018.​

​Malloch Foundation Fund ​- the Malloch Foundation Fund provides funding for Jason's House through Hamilton Community Foundation. The Fund has donated $11,500 from 2011-2018.​

Ontario REALTORS Care Foundation - The Ontario REALTORS Care Foundation supports shelter-based organizations throughout Ontario on behalf of Ontario realtors. It has granted $7,000 to Jason's House from 2016-18, including a $5,000 grant in 2018. 

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